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It has been rumored that the current Yvonne Strahovski boyfriend is Tim Loden. The rumors started when he was seen together with Yvonne Strahovski in one public event in 2009. Since then, they have been seen on quite a lot of occasions together. Thus, they have been together for four years already. Yvonne Strahovski boyfriend Tim Loden is mostly known as an actor who appeared on the TV show called “Chuck”.

And the current Yvonne Strahovski boyfriend is – Tim Loden

Before she started getting involved with Tim Loden, Yvonne Strahovski was in a relationship with Matt Doran. He was Yvonne Strahovski boyfriend from 2006 till 2007. The couple got together when they were chosen to act in “The Plex” and met on the set of filming it.
To the public, Matt Doran is known not only as her boyfriend, but also as an Australian actor who appeared in “The Matrix” where he portrayed a character of “Mouse”. He studied the art of acting at the Australian Film and TV academy where he was one of the best students. Before his graduation in 1991, he has already won several awards such as for the Best Performance and the Most Improved Student.
After he graduated, Matt Doran immediately got his first huge leading role in the movie “Pirate’s Island”. Later, he auditioned to perform in “E Street” and was chosen to appear in it.
In addition, to a lot of people Yvonne Strahovski boyfriend Matt Doran is remembered from the Australian soap opera called “Home and Away” which was broadcasted between the years 1992-1996. In the soap opera, he played a part of a school boy named Damien Roberts.
In addition to his appearances, Matt Doran has also had a lot of guest appearances in various TV shows such as “Fallen Angels”, “Medivac”, “Farscape”, “G.P.”, “Water Rats” and “Murder Call”. One of his biggest roles was in the film called “Next Door” where he portrayed a character of James Marshall. In the “Next Door”, he acted alongside actors Chloe Traicos and Oriana Panozzo. Other movies in which he appeared include “The Thin Red Line”, “Star Wars Episode II” and “Macbeth”.

yvonne strahovski boyfriend yvonne strahovski boyfriend

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