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Anna Kournikova is one of the most popular female tennis players, whose personal life is as much interesting as her professional tennis career. Since 2002 she has been dating Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias, who is known also as Anna Kournikova boyfriend. It all began when in the end of 2011 Anna Kournikova acted in the singer’s music video called “Escape”. Two years later, the rumors spread about their alleged marriage, however neither Anna Kournikova nor Anna Kournikova boyfriend Enrique Iglesias confirmed these rumors. Moreover, in 2005 the same rumors started again, however neither of the parties admitted that it was true.

And the current Anna Kournikova boyfriend is – Enrique Iglesias

In 2010 Anna Kournikova stated that she is very much in love with the Spanish singer, however she is not thinking about marrying him yet. She appears with the singer quite a lot of times in various public events and appearances which proves that over eight years of meeting the couple is still happy together and shows their affections to each other without any embarrassments despite the fact that millions of people are watching them.
Before she became involved with Enrique Iglesias, Anna Kournikova was married to Sergei Fedorov. However, their marriage was not meant to be since the couple stayed married for only a short period of time which lasted less than one year. Anna Kurnikova boyfriend and husband Sergei Fedorov is known as a player of NHL.
Before she got married to him, Anna Kournikova was rumored to be with Mark Philippoussis in 2001. However, these were only rumors because it was not either confirmed or denied by any parties. The rumors started when Pat Cash who is a coach of Mark Philippoussis wrote in his autobiographical book that Anna Kournikova used to call to Mark Philippoussis few times during a day so that he would tell her that she is beautiful.
In 1999 Anna Kournikova was in a relationship with Pavel Bure. She met Pavel Bure when the tennis player was only 18 years old. Moreover, she met Pavel Bure when she was still in a relationship with her previous boyfriend named Sergei Fedorov. Anna Kournikova was even rumored to get married with him however both of them denied that they were engaged.

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