Lindsay Lohan boyfriend

It has been known that Lindsay Lohan boyfriend is Avi Snow with whom she appears in public a lot and does not hide her affections towards him. Recently, the couple was spotted in a bar where Lindsay Lohan kissed her boyfriend while bar’s customers were watching the happy couple. It has been announced that in a couple of weeks Lindsay Lohan is going to rehab again. However, when she was noticed together with the current Lindsay Lohan boyfriend Avi Snow in a bar called 41 Ocean in Santa Monica, the star did not seem like she cared a lot about her upcoming rehab.

And the current Lindsay Lohan boyfriend is – Avi Snow

Avi Snow was performing with his band in the 41 Ocean club and after his performance came over to talk to Lindsay Lohan who kissed him right on his lips without even being bothered that a huge crowd was observing them. Lindsay Lohan will have to spend 90 days in a rehab center which was the outcome of her recent court case. However, seeing Lindsay Lohan with her new boyfriend implied that it did not matter to her at all.

Another suggestion has been that she was happy to spend the rest of her days with her family, friends and boyfriend and did not want to think or talk about what is going to happen during those 90 days.

Moreover, the star came to listen to Lindsay Lohan boyfriend singing with a couple of her friends. Amongst them she seemed enjoying her lover’s group playing and could not keep her eyes off of Avi Snow. Moreover, another thing which caught audience’s attention was that the table of Lindsay Lohan was full of beer and wine bottles, however, Lindsay Lohan made sure that she would not put shame on her and was drinking only San Pellegrino.

In addition, Lindsay Lohan did not feel calm during the performance at all. At most of the times, she was seen jumping and blowing kisses to the band members and singing songs together with the band. Thus, it might be assumed that such attention to Lindsay Lohan boyfriend was helpful for him to feel good when performing.

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