Rachel Mcadams boyfriend

And the current Rachel Mcadams boyfriend is – Michael Sheen

It has been known that Rachel McAdams boyfriend was Michael Sheen for two years. However, the newest announcements about the couple state that they are no longer together and broke up after the relationship which lasted two years.
Both stars are known as actors and together starred in “Midnight in Paris”. In the premiere of “Midnight in Paris” which happened in May of 2011 the couple seemed so much in love, however after half a year passed it seems that their relationship was not that strong.
Rachel McAdams boyfriend Michael Sheen is more than ten years older than Rachel McAdams which in eyes of a lot of people is seen as one of the main reasons why they broke up.
The first time when the two met was on the set of the film where they both appeared and which was directed by Woody Allen, one of the most respected film producers and directors in entertainment industry. However, the couple started showing affections to each other publicly only after the film was completed. However, the rumors about their relationship started in the autumn of 2010.
During one of her interviews, Rachel McAdams stated that it was important to her to become friends with Michael Sheen at first and only later they became a couple. Thus, knowing her other half means a lot for the actress.
Before the two got together, the dated other people who are also famous in the entertainment industry. Rachel McAdams dated Ryan Gosling whereas Rachel McAdams boyfriend was involved with Kate Beckinsale.
Talking more about the film in which Rachel Adams acted together with her ex Michael Sheen, she stated that she was more than happy to film it in Paris with the man whom she loved. One of the most important things in a relationship for Rachel McAdams are trust on each other and being able to tell everything to each others, thus become the best friends. Therefore, it has been rumored that Michael Sheen failed to meet some of these requirements which made the couple divorce.
In addition, the actress stated that when she was in a relationship with Michael Sheen, the two did not spend more than three weeks apart from each other.

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