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Piper Perabo and Piper Perabo boyfriend is seen as one of the most loving, caring and stylish couples in the entertainment industry. Recently the couple was chosen for a photoshoot of the company Tiffany and Co. Piper Perabo and her boyfriend participated in a romantic campaign for Tiffany and Co where they had to portray a loving couple which was easy for them knowing the fact that they are very much in love. The photo shoot featured both of them in Parisian streets, driving bikes, drinking coffee and walking down the street. In one of the pictures Piper Perabo has her arms around her boyfriend’s neck which brings a huge smile on Piper Perabo boyfriend face.

And the current Piper Perabo boyfriend is – Matthew Perry

Moreover, Piper Perabo boyfriend is known as a hairstylist of the photographer who shooted the photo session. One of the characteristics of the photo shoot is an effect of Instagram which is loved by a lot of social network users and which gives photos a somewhat aged look and appearance while making colors a softer look.
The pictures from the photo shoot can be seen on the official Tiffany and Co website where they can also be liked by fans. Moreover, not only Piper Perabo with her boyfriend but also many other famous lovely couples participated in the photo session.

Piper Perabo became known to the public when she appeared in the movie called “Coyote Ugly”. In addition to it, Piper Perabo portrayed roles in movies such as “Cheaper by the Dozen”, “Cheaper by the Dozen 2”, “Lost and Delirious”, “The Prestige” and “Looper”. Currently she is famous for her role in the TV series called “Covert Affairs” where she started appearing from 2010 and which is broadcasted on the USA Network. Also, because of her role in “Covert Affairs”, Piper Perabo received a nomination to get a Golden Globe award in the category of the Best Actress.

In addition, right now she is working on the set of the “Red Machine” which is due to be released in 2013 and which means that she probably will have less time to spend with her beloved boyfriend.

piper perabo boyfriend piper perabo boyfriend piper perabo boyfriend

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