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Toni Braxton is one of the most popular RnB singers in the world. In addition to being an RnB singer, she is also known as a record producer, song writer, actress, TV star and philanthropist. Toni Braxton has received a lot of awards because of her professional career including 9 Billboard Music Awards, 7 American Music Awards and 6 Grammies. During her career as a singer, Toni Braxton has sold approximately 70 million album copies on an international scale. Thus, her career seems to be on its peak.

And the current Toni Braxton boyfriend is – Keri Lewis

In addition, her romantic relationships seem to be as much important and interesting to the public as her professional career. During one of her tours, the band called “Mint Condition” served as an opening act for the singer. She met its member Keri Lewis and they immediately hit it off and Keri Lewis became Toni Braxton boyfriend. In 2001, the couple’s wedding ceremony took place and Keri Lewis became not only Toni Braxton boyfriend, but also her husband.
In the same year their first baby was born who was named Denim Cole Braxton Lewis. When she was promoting her fourth album called “Snowflakes”, Toni Braxton realized that she was pregnant again. However, she suffered a lot of complications during her second pregnancy and had to spend a lot of her time in bed which stopped her career for a while.
In 2003, her second baby was born who was named Diezel Ky Braxton Lewis. The baby was diagnosed with having autism. Because of her child’s illness, Toni Braxton became involved with groups who tried to help children suffering from autism including organization “Autism Speaks”. She even became an International Spokesperson for this organization.
However, after almost ten years of marriage, Toni Braxton announced that she was divorcing from her husband, Keri Lewis. After their breaking up, the rumors started that Toni Braxton left Keri Lewis because of the singer Trey Songz who was rumored to be the newest Toni Braxton boyfriend. Thus, Toni Braxton’s personal relationships are as much diverse as her career in singing or acting. The singer has released seven albums already and does not show signs of slowing down.

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