Sarah Silverman boyfriend

And the current Sarah Silverman boyfriend is – Kyle Dunnigan

In February of 2013 Sarah Silverman was spotted to have a lunch date with her boyfriend Kyle Dunnigan in Beverly Hills. Sarah Silverman who is known as a comedian was seen very much in love with her boyfriend during a long lunch date with leaning towards him and showing affections to Kyle Dunnigan publicly.
The actress started dating Kyle Dunningan more than a year ago. Sarah Silverman boyfriend also enjoyed their date with hugging her and Sarah Silverman putting her head on his shoulder. During their lunch date, the actress was dressed all in black, with black sweater, pants and boots. In addition, Sarah Silverman boyfriend Kyle Dunnigan was dressed in a grey sweater with a hood, beige pants and training shoes. It was noticed that although his hair looked like it was cut quite recently, he seemed like he did not shave his face in quite a while. The couple was eating, talking, laughing and listening carefully to what each other had to say.
Before Sarah Silverman got involved with Kyle Dunnigan, she was known to be in a relationship with Alec Sulkin who was considered to be Sarah Silverman boyfriend from 2010. Alec Sulkin is known to the public as one of the creators of “Family Guy” TV series.
Before she started a relationship with him, Sarah Silverman was in a long-term relationship with Jimmy Kimmel. The started going out together in 2002 and their romance lasted till 2009. It is worth mentioning that the first time they split in 2008, however after trying to rekindle their love, they realized that it was not worth trying to be together anymore. In addition, after their divorce Sarah Silverman claimed that it is a possibility that she will get involved with Jimmy Kimmel again some time in the future.
Talking more about the current Sarah Silverman boyfriend, he is known as a comedian who performed his stand-up comedy routines on the Comedy Central channel. He also appeared on other TV shows such as “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and “Late Night with Conan O’Brien”. Also, Kyle Dunnigan hosts the TV show called “Professor Blastoff”.

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