Nadine Coyle boyfriend

It has been known that Jason Bell was not only Nadine Coyle boyfriend but also her fiancé. However, it has been also stated that the couple broke up. Nevertheless, there are still some rumors spreading that the couple is getting back together.

And the current Nadine Coyle boyfriend is – Jason Bell

Nadine Coyle who is known to the public as a singer from the band “Girls Aloud” was engaged to Nadine Coyle boyfriend Jason Bell for less than a year before they separated their ways. The news about their breaking up were posted by Nadine Coyle herself. In the statement, she confessed that she broke up with Jason Bell one week ago before the post was made. She also stated that both she and her Nadine Coyle boyfriend decided to be friends. Their breaking up was not commented by neither of their reps.
Moreover, it did not seem that the singer was too much depressed about breaking up with Jason Bell because she claimed that she was having a really good time together with her friends who helped her stop thinking about her separation. Later, Nadine Coyle uploaded a couple of pictures of herself in several night clubs having a great time, including the popular Soho House night club.
Jason Bell who is known as a football player in the NHL proposed for Nadine Coyle in September of 2009 and later the singer revealed that it was a huge surprise. The news about her getting engaged were also revealed by herself when she was interviewed by Scot Mills about her solo album which was not success at all. It landed in the 47th place and the singles from it also did not gain any attention. It was also known that all singers from her band “Girls Aloud” started solo careers.
Nadine Coyle and Jason Bell got together when in 2008 she moved to Los Angeles in order to pursue a career in music industry. Before she started a relationship with Jason Bell, Nadine Coyle was involved with a few other popular men such as Neil McCafferty who is known as a soccer player and Jesse Metcalfe who acts in the TV show “Desperate Housewives”.

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