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Tatyana Ali is known as an actress and a singer of R&B music. She is mostly known from the TV show called “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” where she portrayed a character of Ashley Banks. In addition, she was also known as a girlfriend of Jonathan Brandis who was Tatyana Ali boyfriend for three years, from 1995 till 1998.

And the current Tatyana Ali boyfriend is – Jonathan Brandis

Jonathan Brandis was known as a director, screenwriter and an actor. He started acting when he was only a little kid. At that time Tatyana Ali boyfriend appeared in TV commercials and later moved to act in films and TV series. When he was 17 years old, he appeared on the TV show called “SeaQuest DSV” which made him even more popular. In the TV show, he portrayed a character of Lucas Wolenczak and at that time he was usually referred to using this name in reality, as well. His character was loved by a lot of teenage girls and he posed for a lot of teenage magazines. When he was 4 years old, he started his career as a model.
When he dated Tatyana Ali, he appeared together with her in the film called “Fall into Darkness” which was released in 1996.
However, in 2003 Tatyana Ali boyfriend died at hospital where he was treated because of the injuries he caused to himself when he tried to hang himself. The accident of him trying to commit suicide was reported to police by his friend. Although Jonathan Brandis did not leave any note, his friends stated that for the last days he felt really depressed about his career because he did not get any offers to appear neither in films nor TV series or commercials.
One of his friends also claimed that Jonathan Brandis started to drink quite a lot and talked about suicide more and more. What was even more is that he hoped that his role in the film “Hart’s War” would bring him back his success and felt really miserable when his part was cut out from the movie. However, it is still not known why Jonathan Brandis committed suicide.

tatyana ali boyfriend tatyana ali boyfriend

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