Leona Lewis boyfriend

One of the most popular and successful singers from the United Kingdom Leona Lewis boyfriend has been known to be Dennis Jauch. The couple has been on and off for the last couple of months, however they seem like they are still enjoying time spent together.

And the current Leona Lewis boyfriend is – Dennis Jauch

Recently, the couple has been spotted to be enjoying sun while strolling on the beach. Leona Lewis has started dating Dennis Jauch again since the end of last year and it seems that they became inseparable. When the couple was seen at the beach in Los Angeles one Sunday afternoon, the stars could not keep their eyes off of each other.

Leona Lewis boyfriend Dennis Jauch is known to the public as a choreographer from Germany who trains a lot of famous acts. The couple started seeing each other in 2010. However, in the end of summer of 2012 they broke up and got back on track in the end of last year. While strolling down the beach, both of them could not keep their arms of each other and their body language implied that there is no anger between them. In fact, they appeared to be in love very much.

In addition to being one of the most successful singers, Leona Lewis has been recently reported to have teamed up with the company “The Body Shop”. The star is planning to produce her own line of body care products. The line is going to be cruelty free. In one of her interviews, Leona Lewis stated that she is for animal rights full force and agreed that beauty can be done without harming anybody. In addition, Leona Lewis admitted that she is always interested in what products she is buying and from where they came.

Moreover, it has been rumored that the singer spends a lot of time in gym in order to get in a great shape for her new tour to promote her album called “Glassheart”. Thus, with so much time spent in doing business and shaping up, it has been rumored that the singer has not much time left for Dennis Jauch, who is the recent Leona Lewis boyfriend.

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