Evangeline Lilly boyfriend

And the current Evangeline Lilly boyfriend is – Norman Kali

Evangeline Lilly is one of those stars whose private relationships with men are as much of importance to the public as her career. Evangeline Lilly became known to the public when she appeared on the TV show called “Lost” where she portrayed a character of Kate. Evangeline Lilly boyfriend Norman Kali is not that much well known to the public and there are still some facts which are interesting and rare about her boyfriend. In addition, Evangeline Lilly has a child together with Norman Kali.
One of not so much known facts about Evangeline Lilly boyfriend is that he also used to work on the TV show “Lost”. In fact, the couple met when Norman Kali worked on the set of “Lost” where he was a production assistant. It also has been known that Norman Kali was born in Hawaii where he also worked on another productions including “North Shore” and a movie called “50 First Dates” which featured actors Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler.
A source close to a couple claimed that Evangeline Lilly boyfriend Norman Kali loves the outdoors, going to the gym and has a wonderful sense of humor which are the qualities mostly loved by Evangeline Lilly. In addition, the actress also likes to spend her time outdoors. When she was in Hawaii together with Norman Kali, Evangeline Lilly learned how to surf. Moreover, Evangeline Lilly likes to spend her time on the beach and she is quite often seen running down the beach.
Although Norman Kali liked to pose for photo cameras, he also tends to evade paparazzi. Furthermore, neither Evangeline Lilly nor her boyfriend has ever reported about their relationship or her pregnancy. However, the photos taken by paparazzi showed her growing belly and finally the truth came out into the public. Also, the couple was photographed when they were taking their new born back home from the hospital.
In 2007 Norman Kali joined the crew of DGA where his position is a second assistant director. Therefore, both of them being involved into cinema business, it might be possible that they will co-work in the future again.

evangeline lilly boyfriend evangeline lilly boyfriend

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