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In January the news was spread that Marisa Tomei is going to marry her younger boyfriend Logan Marshall-Green. It is going to be the first marriage for Marisa Tomei. A source close to the couple said that Marisa Tomei boyfriend Logan Marshall-Green proposed to her while they were both on holidays. The couple was excited to finally get engaged.

And the current Marisa Tomei boyfriend is – Logan Marshall-Green

In addition, when they started dating rumors spread that their relationship was not going to last long due to the fact that there is a huge age difference between them. However, Marisa Tomei and Marisa Tomei boyfriend proved to the public that 12 years age gap is not a problem if you are in love.
The couple met in 2008 when they co-worked on a New York Theater production. They were in an on and off relationship till finally Logan Marshall-Green proposed to the actress. Before she started dating her current boyfriend, Marisa Tomei was in a relationships with other famous men such as Lenny Kravitz and Robert Downey Jr.
In addition to finally getting engaged, both Marisa Tomei and Marisa Tomei boyfriend Logan Marshall-Green have more occasions to celebrate. One of them is the fact that right now both of their acting careers are on the peak and they get quite a lot of offers to appear in various productions. Currently, Marisa Tomei has been said to appear in a romantic comedy where she stars together with Hugh Grant. To the public, Marisa Tomei is mostly remembered from the movie called “My Cousin Vinny”. For her role in this movie, the actress received an Oscar award.
In addition, Logan Marshall-Green is also filming for a movie called “As I Lay Dying”. In addition, he was chosen to appear in movies such as “Eye of Winter” and “Black Dog, Red Dog”.
Moreover, before Marisa Tomei started dating Logan Marshall-Green, she was involved with Nicholas Carpenter with whom she was together for two years. However, their relationship was broken when it was revealed that Nicholas Carpenter was seeing Bridget Marquardt. Before she was involved with Nicholas Carpenter, Marisa Tomei was rumored to be in a relationship with actor Christian Slater.

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