Mary Kate Olsen boyfriend

And the current MARY KATE OLSEN boyfriend is – Olivier Sarkozy

For quite a lot of time already Mary Kate Olsen boyfriend has been known to be Olivier Sarkozy. Recently, the couple has been spotted together in Paris strolling holding each other’s hands while going shopping for jewelry. Thus, it gave beginning for rumors which stated that Mary Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy might get married soon.
The actress and Mary Kate Olsen boyfriend were shopping in a lot of stores in Paris, including visiting jewelry store. Mary Kate Olsen looked like a child in a toy’s store while checking out all pieces of jewelry while her boyfriend patiently was standing next to her and gave her time to choose what she wanted. Therefore, it has been speculated that the couple might get married soon since Mary Kate Olsen spent a lot of time looking at the isle of rings.
Taking into consideration the age of Mary Kate Olsen boyfriend, who is much older than the actress, it might be true that the couple is ready to get married. It has not been noticed what the couple bought there, however later that evening Mary Kate Olsen was seen together with Olivier Sarkozy holding his hand and in another hand holding a little white bag.
While the couple was strolling down the streets of Paris, they attracted a lot of attention from people. First reason of that is because the couple is famous and another one is they unusual differences of height. Mary Kate Olsen is quite short, whereas her boyfriend who is 42 years old is much taller than the actress.
The couple has been known to date for eight months and although their age difference is 16 years, they seem to be very happy together which proves once again that the difference of age does not matter in love.
In the entertainment business, the couple is considered to be quite controversial not only because of their size differences but also because of their age. Some people are even calling their relationship as ‘grotesque’. Mary Kate Olsen boyfriend is also famous because of his relations. He is the half-brother of the former president of France, Nicolas Sarkozy.

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