Katrina Kaif boyfriend

There have been quite a lot of rumors about romantic relationship of Katrina Kaif. The recent Katrina Kaif boyfriend is rumored to be Ranbir. However, both of them deny that they are going together. Nevertheless, it is obvious that the couple is getting serious with them being spotted in various public places together behaving quite loving.

And the current Katrina Kaif boyfriend is – Ranbir

Therefore, people know that the couple is inseparable and it seems pointless that Katrina Kaif and Katrina Kaif boyfriend are still hiding the fact that they are in a relationship. If they still continue to hide their love to each other from the public, the reason might as well be quite serious and known only to them.

It is well known that Katrina Kaif is quite busy at the moment, therefore she probably cannot see her boyfriend as often as she would like to. However, she still finds time between her shootings to spend some quality time and pass her leisure together with Ranbir. It has been reported that recently Ranbir has been shooting for the “Besharam”. Katrina Kaif flew in Chandigarh where the filming is set in order to see her boyfriend. One source even claimed that the couple enjoyed their intimate time in a private first class cabin in an airplane.

In addition, it has been reported that one late night after Katrina Kaif shooting was done, outside the building Katrina Kaif boyfriend Ranbir was waiting for his love to take her home. Therefore, it is obvious that whenever the couple has some more free time, they try to be with each other for as long as possible.
Being in an entertainment business means having very hectic working schedules which is also usually an obstacle for relationships, especially when you cannot see a person you love as often as you would like to.

Moreover, Katrina Kaif has been introduced to her boyfriend’s parents already which might imply that the relationship is getting more serious. Thus, Katrina Kaif has been accepted as a family member by Ranbir’s parents. The couple seems very cute together and what is more is that they appear to be very much in love despite the fact that they still try to hide their affections to each other from the public.

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