Emma Roberts boyfriend

And the current Emma Roberts boyfriend is – Evan Peters

Recently Emma Roberts and Emma Roberts boyfriend has been spotted together spending time in Paris where they took a sightseeing trip. For quite a long time already the star has been known to have been dating Evan Peters. The couple has been known to be together for almost a year. Seeing them together makes you realize that things are getting very serious between them.
The actress Emma Roberts seems to be very much in love with her boyfriend Evan Peters. Emma Roberts boyfriend is known for the public as also a person from cinema industry. He is famous for American Horror stories. In addition, Emma Roberts is known to the public not only because of her acting abilities but also because of her relationships to other famous people, such as Julia Roberts to whom Emma Roberts is a niece.
When the couple was noticed together in Paris sightseeing, Emma Roberts was spotted with her hands around Evan Peters hands and her head on his shoulder, thus sightseeing became least of the actress’s worries. After Emma Roberts and her boyfriend finished shopping, the two were noticed together taking a stroll in a park in Paris.
Recently, it has been announced that Emma Roberts will appear in small screen. She will debut in the TV series called “Delirium” which are going to be broadcasted on the Fox channel. Emma Roberts is going to take the lead role of Lena Holloway. The TV series “Delirium” will be based on the best-selling books of Lauren Oliver, thus it is expected that the show will gain high ratings. With the actress being so busy in the filming set, Emma Roberts boyfriend might feel left out and forgotten. However, the actress seems to manage both things very well, she is acting and also finds time to see her love and spend time with him, such as having a break from filming and meeting her boyfriend in Paris.
The main theme of the story “Delirium” is illegal love and its eradication using special procedures and measures. Moreover, it has been stated that Emma Roberts will portray many more literal characters from various books, thus it may be considered that her career on small screen is rising.

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