Mischa Barton boyfriend

Mischa Barton is not one of those stars who can be seen going out and about often. However, in April the star was seen in the Coachella music festival together with Sebastian Knapp who is the current Mischa Barton boyfriend. The couple started dating in summer of 2012 and it looked like they are still very much in love.

And the current Mischa Barton boyfriend is – Sebastian Knapp

The couple spent their time on Saturday and Sunday together during the festival and Mischa Barton and Mischa Barton boyfriend Sebastian Knapp were seen holding each other’s hands as walking to it. In addition, on Sunday Mischa Barton changed her outfit which she was wearing in Saturday. On Saturday Mischa Barton was wearing a white printed ornamented dress, black long sweater and black boots, whereas Mischa Barton boyfriend was dressed in a white t-shirt, dark blue jeans and white vans. On Sunday, Mischa Barton was wearing a creamy dress and white shoes. She accessorized her look with wearing a straw hat. Sebastian Knapp, on the other hand, was dressed in a grey jumper with writing printed on it, blue jeans and white vans.
Mischa Barton is known as one of the most successful cinema stars of today, as is her boyfriend, as well. Sebastian Knapp is mostly known as an actor from the movie called “28 Days Later”. The couple confirmed that they have been dating last year and already have made a lot of appearances as a couple in various events. In addition, they were also spotted on a roadside when last year they were caught in a car accident.
The first time they appeared together was in Ibiza last year, when Mischa Barton took her boyfriend to a ‘Guess’ fashion dinner. The couple looked very much in love during the dinner which was held in Lio restaurant. Moreover, later the same night they were spotted together enjoying their time in Pacha night club in Ibiza. However, the actress did not seem uncomfortable at all with leaving her boyfriend from time to time in order to go say hello to some of her friends. In the event, Mischa Barton was wearing clothes all from the line of ‘Guess’: black corset and white and grey skirt.

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