Avril Lavigne boyfriend

And the current Avril Lavigne boyfriend is – Chad Kroeger

It has been known that the current Avril Lavigne boyfriend is Chad Kroeger. Moreover, he is not only her boyfriend, but also soon-to-be husband because the couple has been known to be engaged for quite a long time already. The couple has been known to be together for six months before Chad Kroeger proposed to the singer Avril Lavigne.
Avril Lavigne boyfriend Chad Kroeger is from music industry as well. He is one of the members from the band called “Nickelback”. In addition, Avril Lavigne dated Brody Jenner before she got involved with Chad Kroeger. What is more important is that Chad Kroeger proposed to Avril Lavigne on her ex-boyfriend Brody Jenner’s birthday. Also, the singer Avril Lavigne separated from Brody Jenner not too long ago but seems that she does not even care about him anymore seeing how happy she is with her new boyfriend Chad Kroeger.
The couple started dating when they both started writing and composing songs. Chad Kroeger felt like Avril Lavigne is the woman of his life after six months and decided to put a ring on her finger right on her ex-boyfriend’s birthday which by some people is seen as intentional gesture of the current Avril Lavigne boyfriend.
Recently the couple has been noticed together in Paris shopping where she is recording her fifth album. Avril Lavigne and her boyfriend are separated by 10 year old gap, however they seem to be so much in love. They started getting together when they co-worked on her song.
The couple announced their getting married by themselves. Avril Lavigne boyfriend Chad Kroeger posted the happy news on his Twitter account telling to his fans to get more information from People magazine. His post was retweeted by Avril Lavigne, who has around 6 million followers on her Twitter account. Since then, messages from fans, friends and family members have been adding up in her mail box. Thus, everybody seems to be excited about the singer’s wedding. Moreover, Avril Lavigne announced the news of her wedding during the birthday of her ex-boyfriend Brody Jenner during the event of her new clothing line launching.

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