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It has been known that Patrick Kielty is not only Cat Deeley boyfriend but also her husband. Although he is a quite known man in the entertainment industry, there are few things about Cat Deeley boyfriend and husband Patric Kielty which are not known to the public. Patrick Kielty is known as a comedian from Ireland who married Cat Deeley, a host of the TV show called “So You Think You Can Dance”. Before the couple got married, they dated for 10 months. Thus, quite a lot of people believed that the wedding was very sudden because 10 months of dating is not a very long time. The couple got married in a private ceremony which was attended by some friends and their families. The wedding ceremony happened in Rome, Italy.

And the current Cat Deeley boyfriend is – Patrick Kielty

One point worth mentioning about Patrick Kielty is that he is extremely known in the United Kingdom because of his stand-up comedy routines. However, in the United States he is not that well known as in the United Kingdom. Although he had a wonderful career and its possibilities in the United Kingdom, recently he has moved to live to Los Angeles, California. One of the main reasons why he decided to move was to be closer to Cat Deeley.

One of the most interesting things about the couple is that initially they met on the set of the TV show called “Fame Academy” which was broadcasted on the BBC channel. Although it happened in 2002 and Patrick Kielty was not Cat Deeley boyfriend at that time, it was the first time when the couple saw each other. The show was similar to the TV shows “X Factor” and “Big Brother”.

Also, before they got involved into a romantic relationship, they were very close friends. When cat Deeley decided to quit being a host on the “Fame Academy” Patrick Kielty did not hide the fact that he was extremely disappointed. Cat Deeley left the show to seek her career in Hollywood and at that time Patrick Kielty stated that she turned her back on the whole crew of the TV show and wished her good luck in her capitalistic ways.

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