Sofia Vergara boyfriend

It has been known that Sofia Vergara boyfriend is Nick Loeb. In addition, he is not only her boyfriend but also a man to whom Sofia Vergara is engaged to get married. The couple has been quite notorious in the public’s eyes. They were celebrating scandalous New Year’s Eve in one of the Miami clubs where the couple also got involved into fighting. Sofia Vergara has been known to the public not only because of her talents or her relationship with the current Sofia Vergara boyfriend Nick Loeb, but also because of her figure. Her curves are always eye-catching and tend to become visible in the most inappropriate times and places.

And the current Sofia Vergara boyfriend is – Nick Loeb

The couple was spotted arguing in the club. The argument ended with Sofia Vergara boyfriend getting scratches and finally being thrown from the club, while the television star herself ended with a broken bust line.

It was known that Nick Loeb was not happy about spending the New Year’s night in the club which is owned by the ex-boyfriend of Sofia Vergara. In addition, he got even angrier when people who were sitting next to them started taking pictures with his girlfriend Sofia Vergara. Moreover, according to one source, Nick Loeb was very uncomfortable with Chris who was a man responsible for their seats in the VIP section, although he is known as only a friend to Sofia Vergara.

Sofia Vergara boyfriend Nick Loeb’s jealousy burst out when he became involved in the argument with people sitting near them. Sofia Vergara tried to calm down her boyfriend, however, unsuccessfully. The star got thrown away and her dress got ripped with her boobs showing right in front of her son Manolo who got so offended that he immediately left the club.

The source stated that at the same time it was funny and shocking to see the fight. However, it was stated that as soon as the couple left the club, they made up and Sofia Vergara took her boyfriend back to her hotel room. Thus, after all the couple had a very happy new years despite the argument in the club.

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