Sharon Stone boyfriend

It has been rumored quite recently that Sharon Stone who is 54 years old has been on a verge of breaking up with 27 years old Martin Mica who is known to be the newest Sharon Stone boyfriend. However, recently the couple has been spotted together in public cuddling and kissing and proved that these rumors are completely false. The couple was seen in Los Angeles taking a walk while laughing and cuddling each other and having their arms wrapped around each other. They were having lunch together and it seemed that Sharon Stone boyfriend who is known as a model from Argentina is the one who might finally make Sharon Stone happy. Sharon Stone and Martin Mica seemed coordinated in wearing clothes with both of them dressed in jeans and grey cardigans. In addition, they hide their eyes from the public’s attention wearing sun glasses.

And the current Sharon Stone boyfriend is – Martin Mica

In addition, one of the sources which are close to Sharon Stone stated that she does not have enough time for her boyfriend. She has to take care of her children and works a lot not only on a domestic but also on an international scale. Thus, every minute which she spends with Martin Mica is important to her.
Also, it has been announced that in one interview Sharon Stone has made it clear that all she wants to do is pay attention to her three sons’ needs. Therefore, it might imply that Martin Mica who is the current Sharon Stone boyfriend might lack Sharon Stone’s attention knowing the fact that she already has three boys to take care of and works a lot.

Moreover, another source stated that the couple is really on the verge of breaking up. However, it also admitted that age is not the reason of their splitting up at all. The main reasons of their breaking up are different interest fields. Sharon Stone is known to be involved into philanthropy, activism and politics. However, these spheres are known to be not interesting to Martin Mica at all. The first time the couple met was in Brazil. There, Sharon Stone attended Vogue party and was introduced to Martin Mica.

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