Bar Refaeli boyfriend

Bar Refaeli is one of those stars whose personal relationships are as much of importance as her professional career. Currently it has been stated that Bar Refaeli boyfriend is David Fisher with whom she enjoys her time a lot.
Recently the couple has been spotted having their time in the beach together with a couple of their friends. David Fisher who is the new Bar Refaeli boyfriend was spotted taking pictures of his love, who got affectionate with one of her girl friends. The couple was spotted in Italy where they spent their time together with a company. Bar Refaeli enjoyed her time with friends as well as with her boyfriend who took a picture of her while she wrapped her arms around one of her friend’s neck and kissed her to lips with a giant kiss while David Fisher was taking pictures of them.

And the current Bar Refaeli boyfriend is – David Fisher

Bar Refaeli started dating David Fisher after she broke up with an actor Leonardo Di Caprio whom she was dating for quite a while.
Bar Refaeli together with her new love were spending an afternoon on a yacht where they were sunbathing and enjoying time with their friends. Bar Refaeli boyfriend seemed very happy and ask why he shouldn’t. He is dating one of the most beautiful girls in Hollywood who is wanted by a lot of men.

During the time while they were on a yacht, Bar Refaeli showed her fit figure in two pairs of bikinis, one being fuchsia pink and another being red. Also, there were some rumors that Leonardo Di Caprio who is the ex boyfriend of Bar Refaeli was having fun time in Santa Barbara together with his new girlfriend Blake Lively. Therefore, at the same time Bar Refaeli was showing him what he missed with changing her swimsuits and showing her perfect figure.
When Bar Refaeli was spending time in Sardinia before, she was showing her curves in another bikini. This time it was a mismatched bikini with top of it being violet and the bottom of it being black. However, this time she was spotted alone, without her boyfriend David Fisher.

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