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One of the Hollywood stars whose relationships are as much important as their professional careers is Jessica Simpson. The current Jessica Simpson boyfriend is Eric Johnson. What is even more important is that the couple is engaged to get married, therefore there are a lot of speculations whether they will get married for sure or break up before getting married, as a lot of celebrities do. They got engaged in 2010, only 6 months after dating each other. Both of them confirmed the rumors that they have been dating after a few months of people speculating that they are getting involved together. Her fiancé Eric Johnson is know to the public as a professional football player.

And the current Jessica Simpson boyfriend is – Eric Johnson

Before she got engaged to Eric Johnson, Jessica Simpson was rumored to be together with Billy Corgan. They were known as co-creating a song for Jessica Simpson, thus a lot of rumors started that Billy Corgan might be the newest Jessica Simpson boyfriend.
Before these rumors spread, Jessica Simpson was in a relationship with Tony Romo whom she dated for 2 years, from 2007 till 2009. Tony Romo is known as a quarterback in the Cowboys team. When they were dating, at one point Tony Romo’s career was getting worse, thus Jessica Simpson was blamed for that. This blame got her a nickname ‘Jessica jinx’.

Before she started dating Tony Romo, Jessica Simpson boyfriend was known to be John Mayer whom she dated from 2006 till 2007. The couple seemed to be in love a lot however their romance lasted for only one year.

In 2006, Jessica Simpson was also rumored to be dating with Dane Cook. They met on a set of filming “Employee of the Month” which was the vehicle to start rumors that the two are getting serious and being more than friends. However, neither Jessica Simpson nor Dane Cook ever confirmed that the rumors were true or false.
In 2005 Jessica Simpson was rumored to have a fling with Bam Margera. His hooking up with Jessica Simpson was the reason why he ended his engagement. Jessica Simpson has never confirmed that they were dating, however Bam Margera has hinted that they were in a relationship.

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