Alexis Bledel boyfriend

In October of 2012 Alexis Bledel introduced her boyfriend to the public for the very first time. It happened during the interviews on the Red Carpet when Alexis Bledel boyfriend was exposed to media. Alexis Bledel boyfriend is Vincent Kartheiser.

And the current Alexis Bledel boyfriend is – Vincent Kartheiser

Before their appearance together on the Red Carpet, the couple has been stated to have dated for four months and finally they were spotted together during the ceremony of The Macallan Masters of Photography Series at the Bowery Hotel in New York. Vincent Kartheiser is mostly known to the public as the cast member of the TV series “Mad Men”. Moreover, during the ceremony and interview on the Red Carpet, the couple seemed very happy and the star of “Mad Men” confessed that he is a very lucky guy to have a chance to be in a relationship with such an amazing woman as Alexis Bledel.
However, both stars admitted that with both of them being actors and being busy almost al the time, it is not easy to have a stable relationship. Nevertheless, they seem to handle it pretty well. Alexis Bledel boyfriend stated that it is important for them to meet at least once in 10 days time and during all that time when they cannot see each other things like texting and chatting help a lot.
Before the couple got involved, both of them were dating other stars. Alexis Bledel was linked with her co-star of “Gilmore Girls” Milo Ventimiglia with whom she had been together for three years, whereas Vincent Kartheiser was in a relationship with Rachael Leigh Cook.
Moreover, recently the shocking news has been announced that Alexis Bledel and Vincent Kartheiser are getting married. According to a source, the couple seems to be really happy about the decision they made. Furthermore, it has been speculated that the step to ask Alexis Bledel to marry him was planned right before he did the move. When the couple attended the wedding of their friends David Cross and Amber Tamblyn, Alexis Bledel boyfriend hinted to his friends that it would be very nice to put a ring with a diamond on his girlfriend’s finger.

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