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There have been a lot of rumors about splitting up of one of the most loved couples in Hollywood, it being Ashlee Simpson and Ashlee Simpson boyfriend Vincent Piazza. The couple recently was spotted going for a stroll together with little Bronx, thus proving that they are still dating and happy to be together. The couple seemed to enjoy each other’s company and also the company of the little Bronx. The couple has been together for almost a year since they began meeting each other in June of 2012.

And the current Ashlee Simpson boyfriend is – Vincent Piazza

The couple was seen together with Ashlee Simpson’s son Bronx going for a walk in a local park in Los Angeles. Three year old Bronx was being held in the arms of his mother Ashlee Simpson while Ashlee Simpson boyfriend was going right next to them. Vincent Piazza is currently starring in the TV show called “Boardwalk Empire” which is broadcasted on the HBO channel.

The little blond curly haired boy looked like an angel in short jeans, purple t-shirt and sneakers while his mother Ashlee Simpson was dressed in a black jacket, back jeans and sneakers, too. Bronx is known to be a son of Ashlee Simpson’s ex-husband Pete Wentz.
Ashlee Simpson, her boyfriend and her son looked like they really enjoyed their time in the sunshine walking down the streets with little Bronx holding his mother’s hand and having his arms around her neck while being carried.

It has been known that neither Ashlee Simpson nor Vincent Piazza really like to talk about their relationship. Ashlee Simpson boyfriend stated earlier this year that telling to all the public all the details about their relationship would only diminish the love which they have between themselves and added that Ashlee Simpson is a wonderful woman.

Moreover, it has been speculated that Vincent Piazza enjoys spending his free time outside walking and eating with Ashlee Simpson rather than going with her to various posh elite parties. He also admitted that DVD nights with great meal means much more for him than spending night in clubs. Therefore, Vincent Piazza confessed that he is a low profile man.

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