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Recently Olivia Munn has been spotted with her boyfriend enjoying each other’s company and watching the game at the Lakers game. Olivia Munn boyfriend Joel Kinnaman was seen as hugging, kissing and almost making out with the star which supposedly distracted the game of the players. Also, the couple was watching the game from the court seats and it cost them around 3 thousand dollars per each to get those seats.

And the current Olivia Munn boyfriend is – Joel Kinnaman

However, Olivia Munn and Olivia Munn boyfriend seemed like they do not really care about the game because the only one thing which was most important to them was each other. During the game, the attractive looking couple was touching, kissing, hugging and leaning towards each other which attracted public’s attention which was enjoying the basketball game. Even when Joel Kinnaman was trying to see how the game between Los Angeles Lakers and Sacramento Kings was going on, Olivia Munn would turn his face to hers and start kissing again.

Olivia Munn is known to the public as an actress who appeared in quite a lot of hit movies such as “Iron Man 2”. When the couple was watching the game, they were also accompanied by Olivia Munn’s friend Hannah Simone who appears in “New Girl”. However, Hannah Simone looked quite out of place when the couple was hugging and kissing and showing love to each other. Thus, it was more than obvious that Olivia Munn was more interested in her boyfriend than game or her friend.

Olivia Munn boyfriend has been dating with the star for over a year now and it seems that they are still very much in love. It seems that they have a lot of common interests and enjoys watching sports. Also, it has been rumored that the couple was watching a game not only with Olivia Munn’s friend but also with Joel Kinnaman’s friends who all were sitting next to each other.

Before Olivia Munn started dating Joel Kinnaman, she was in a relationship with Brad Richards who is known as a professional hockey player. Olivia Munn started dating Joel Kinnaman in March of 2012 when their relationship got serious.

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