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Tyra Banks is known not only as one of the most successful American models but also as one of the most wanted women. Therefore, her romantic relationships are as much interesting and important to the public as her professional career as a supermodel. Therefore, Tyra Banks tries to hide her personal life as much as possible.

And the current Tyra Banks boyfriend is – John Utendahl

However, recently the rumors have started that the current Tyra Banks boyfriend is John Utendahl. She started dating him in 2007. John Utendahl is known as being involved into banking investments. However, both of them try to keep their relationship as private as possible, thus there are no news about their goings out and about or appearing in public events. When asked about her boyfriend, Tyra Banks usually tends to avoid the subject, while Tyra Banks boyfriend John Utendahl has never been asked about his relationship with the supermodel.
Before she got into a relationship with the investor, Tyra Banks was rumored to be with Tyler Perry who was Tyra Banks rumored boyfriend in 2006. They were spotted having dinner a couple of times together and the rumors started that they might be an item. However, both Tyra Banks and Tyler Perry denied the fact that they were a couple.
From 2002 till 2004, Tyra Banks was dating Chris Webber and they were very close during those two years. Tyler Perry is known as a basketball player who plays in the team of the Sacramento Kings. Tyra Banks was usually seen in his games. Moreover, there were rumors going on that the couple was even engaged. However, all these rumors came to an end when they broke up after two years of relationship.
Moreover, in 1996 Tyra Banks boyfriend was rumored to be Seal. However, they went out together as a couple only on one occasion at the Essence Awards ceremony. In addition, they relationship did not last long because they broke up in the same year of dating.
One of her first boyfriend from the entertainment industry was John Singleton whom Tyra Banks dated from 1993 till 1996. They were introduced to each other through common friends. Furthermore, he directed her debut in “Higher Learning”.

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