Rihanna boyfriend

And the current Rihanna boyfriend is – Chris Brown

One of the most controversial couples in the entertainment industry is the singer Rihanna and Rihanna boyfriend named Chris Brown, who is also a singer and a dancer. Recently, Rihanna has made a statement that Chris Brown is the man of her life and that she wants to have kids with him which in the world is seen as a ridiculous statement of her remembering the incident which the couple had before when Chris Brown beat Rihanna.
Critics of entertainment business see their relationship as one of the most ridiculous ones with them breaking up and getting back together over and over again. Nevertheless, Rihanna sees their relationship as permanent after the last time they broke up and started getting involved once again. Rihanna and Rihanna boyfriend Chris Brown have been spotted together cuddling in the most recent Grammy award ceremony.
Four hears ago, Chris Brown was charged with assaulting Rihanna and beating her. The pictures of the beaten star appeared on the internet and everybody was shocked about Chris Brown behavior. However, people got even more surprised when they heard the news that the couple is back in a relationship. After the incident, Rihanna broke up with Chris Brown and expressed her position that she was angry, disappointed and betrayed. Therefore, now it seems funny to a lot of people that Rihanna wishes to have babies with a man who beat her and left her with severely bruised face.
Also, the singer stated that she is still in love with Chris Brown, therefore it seems that she might have forgiven Chris Brown to all the bad things he did to her four years ago. Moreover, there have been rumors stating that Rihanna boyfriend Chris Brown also hopes to have a long lasting relationship with Rihanna.
Rihanna claimed that now she feels that they are adults and old enough for things which happened four years ago and she believes that from now on everything will be perfect in their relationship. The incident which happened in 2009 in the pre-party of Grammy ceremony left Rihanna heartbroken but it seems that now she is in love again with Chris Brown, who seems to be the only man the singer needs.

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