Kat Von D boyfriend

It has been know for quite a while that Kat Von D boyfriend is one of the best DJs in the world Deadmau5. However, it has been also known that the couple has had its ups and downs and that they split up right before the end of the year 2012. Nevertheless, Deadmau5 surprised Kat Von D and the whole public with his proposal to marry him which was posted on hi Twitter website. Therefore, it implies that the end of the year 2012 was one of the best endings for Kat Von D. Kat Von D who is known for her tattoo art accepted Deadmau5 request to marry her. The couple started appearing publicly in the beginning of September, when Kat Von D boyfriend Deadmau5 was photographed together with the star in Las Vegas where they attended some event.

And the current Kat Von D boyfriend is – Deadmau5

Deadmau5 stated that his initial plan was to propose to the star on Christmas, however, patience is not the quality of the musician, so he asked Kat Von D to marry him sooner. In addition to his proposal, Kat Von D boyfriend also posted a picture of the engagement ring on his Twitter account.

It is known that the ring was designed specially for Kat Von D, with two skulls with diamonds on it. Also, Deadmau5 commented that the ring has not been finished yet and that he hopes that soon he will be able to put the ring on Kat Von D finger. Moreover, in the picture the ring is seen with a white diamond on it, however Deadmau5 commented that the white diamond is going to be changed into a black one.

Furthermore, as soon as the answer of Kat Von D was posted on Twitter Deadmau5 logged back into his account to see her response. Also, he stated that he is very happy to be engaged and excused himself that he will not answer any messages that night because he intended to spend it with his future wife.
Talking more about their addiction to social media websites, when they first started dating they announced publicly about it on the social website as well.

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