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There have been rumors that Padma Lakshmi has another boyfriend already and seems to be enjoying life after the death of the past Padma Lakshmi boyfriend, Teddy Forstmann. Currently she has been known to be in a relationship with Vikram Chatwal with whom she has been dating for four months and he is considered to be the newest Padma Lakshmi boyfriend. Talking about her ex-boyfriend, Teddy Forstmann passed away because of cancer almost two years ago and today Padma Lakshmi seems to be enjoying life again.

And the current Padma Lakshmi boyfriend is – Vikram Chatwal

Padma Lakshmi who is known as a model and the host of the show called “Top Chef” was on a vacation in India together with her new love Vikram Chatwal after which she appeared with him in her event for Endometriosis Foundation of America. During the event Padma Lakshmi seemed really happy to be next to Vikram Chatwal who is the owner of New York’s Dream Hotel.

In December of 2012 Padma Lakshmi was first spotted with Vikram Chatwal who is currently known as Padma Lakshmi boyfriend. The couple was seen spending their time at the Knicks vs. Nets game. In addition, after that they both were spotted having fun in each other’s companies during Christmas and New Year holidays. It has been reported that the couple spent the New Year’s evening at the Dream’s New Year’s Eve party. Later, the couple was seen getting boarded on their private jet in Los Angeles.

Before she started appearing in the public with Vikram Chatwal, Padma Lakshmi was married to Salman Rushdie, however they divorced in 2007. One thing which is worth mentioning about her recent love is that Vikram Chatwal is still married to a model Priya Sachdev.

In addition, Padma Lakshmi has a daughter with one of her ex-boyfriends named Adam Dell. With him, Padma Lakshmi has a child named Krishna Thea Lakshmi Dell. The couple has been in disputes for the care of their child for a long time already. However, after the birth of their daughter, it was not initially known who the father of the baby was. Later, it was revealed that Adam Dell who is known as a brother of Dell computers’ owner Michael Dell is Krishna Thea Lakshmi Dell’s biological father.

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