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Recently the news reached the public that Joss Stone is splitting from Danny Radford, who was known to be Joss Stone boyfriend. In addition to that, recently Joss Stone had to attend the court where she witnessed against two men who are suspected of their planning to kidnap and murder her. Knowing the fact that Joss Stone boyfriend helped her a lot during the ordeal, it was quite surprising and shocking to the public to hear the news that Joss Stone decided to break up with him.
The couple has been known to be dating since 2008. It has been officially announced that after their divorce Joss Stone boyfriend Danny Radford flew back to Australia while Joss Stone is waiting for the ordeal to finish.

Joss Stone boyfriend was – Danny Radford

Talking more about their divorce, one of the closest friends of the couple has stated that it was amicable. Also, the source said that it is very sad for all of their friends because they made a lovely couple and have known each other for a very long time and were friends before they even started getting involved in a romantic relationship. However, it has been claimed that for the past several months both of them have drifted apart and decided to quit dating. However, both Joss Stone and Joss Stone boyfriend Danny Redford decided to be friends. Thus, there is no anger or disappointment from neither of the parts.

Talking more about the incident because of which Joss Stone had to witness in the court, Joss Stone revealed that it is quite uncomfortable that people are stalking her and know where and when she goes every time she leaves her house. In addition, the star stated that she did not even realize that someone was making plans to murder her before the police officers approached her in the street and told her shocking news that she was being stalked and planned to be kidnapped and killed.
Also, during the trial, Joss Stone admitted that it was a really nice day except for the fact that she got to know the strange facts from the police.

joss stone boyfriend joss stone boyfriend joss stone boyfriend

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