Julianne Hough boyfriend

It has been known for quite a while already that the current Julianne Hough boyfriend is the star in the entertainment industry Ryan Seacrest. Moreover, in one of her interviews Julianne Hough has even stated that he is her biggest supporter in everything she does.

And the current Julianne Hough boyfriend is – Ryan Seacrest

Julianne Hough has been a huge star in the entertainment industry. Recently, she has appeared on the cover of the “Self” magazine where she showed her incredibly fit body. She has appeared three times already on the cover of the magazine “Self”. During the interview with people from the “Self” magazine, she confessed about a lot of things from her inner life and also talked about Ryan Seacrest who is the newest Julianne Hough boyfriend.
Ryan Seacrest is mostly known as a reporter and journalist of the E! Network. In addition to this job, Julianne Hough joked that another his job is to be her supporter which he does very well. Furthermore, Julianne Hough stated that one of her biggest mottos is to accomplish her own goals, even if there is nobody who will support her doing that. For that, she respects her boyfriend a lot because he supports her in every decision Julianne Hough makes. One of such goals of her is to become bald. Therefore, she aims at getting her head shaved which is another thing supported by Ryan Seacrest.
Julianne Hough confessed that when she was a little girl, she always wore long hair because it was accepted as being pretty. However, the star stated that with short hair she can feel free and funnier. When she was praised because of her ideal figure, Julianne Hough admitted that all she does is keeps her healthy appetite. Also, she admitted that it is very hard to keep her plate full even if she does not want to eat anymore, which she learnt from her grandmother.
Recently, Julianne Hough appeared in the movie “Safe Haven” together with one of the biggest hunks in entertainment business Josh Duhamel. In the premiere of the movie, Julianne Hough posed for the photographers with both Josh Duhamel and Ryan Seacrest, Julianne Hough boyfriend.

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