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It has been known for quite a while already that the current Kate Walsh boyfriend is Chris Case. Recently Kate Walsh has been spotted in Miami beach enjoying her time wearing bikini and showing her perfect figure at 45 years old. Kate Walsh is mostly known to a lot of people as a star from TV series such as “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Private Practice” where she played the role of Dr. Addison Montgomery. It was Thursday when the actress was spotted in Miami Beach and it was also stated that at that time the cast from “Private Practice” were celebrating the end of the series.

And the current Kate Walsh boyfriend is – Chris Case

Kate Walsh was so happy about her time in the beach that she even updated her status on her Twitter account wishing happy Thursday to all of her fans. In addition, while she was swimming and enjoying sun, it became obvious what is so attractive about her to Kate Walsh boyfriend Chris Case.
The actress showed her fit body on the beach and a lot of manly eyes were following her as she strolled down the beach. It has been said that Kate Walsh has a personal trainer named Juliet Kaska who takes care of her body and makes it look as good as possible for a 45 year old. It also has been known that Kate Walsh is being trained under the Pilates sporting program.

Moreover, while being in Miami, Kate Walsh was spotted together with her assistant Derek spending quality time and rumors started that Kate Walsh boyfriend might get jealous seeing how much fun Kate Walsh has with her assistant. Before Kate Walsh appeared in Miami, she was partying in Los Angeles where the whole cast and crew of the TV series “Private Practice” were celebrating the end of the season.

In addition, a lot of people started speculating why her boyfriend Chris Case did not appear together with the actress in Miami which increased rumors that their relationship might be not as firm right now as it used to be. Kate Walsh boyfriend Chris Case is known as a comedy writer.

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