Blake Lively boyfriend

And the current Blake Lively boyfriend is – Ryan Reynold

Blake Lively who is known as a cast member of TV series “Gossip Girl” cannot be happier as she is right now. One of the reasons of that could be that Blake Lively boyfriend Ryan Reynold proposed to the actress and they have been married for six weeks already.
Moreover, the actress has been spotted quite recently arriving to the set of “Gossip Girl” carrying Ryan Reynold’s pet dog. Thus, knowing that the dog for Ryan Reynold is one of the most beloved creatures, it might imply that he is completely trusting his new wife and letting her to take care of his beloved pet dog.
Blake Lively is known to be filming for the last series of the popular TV show “Gossip Girl” and recently she has been noticed filming a wedding scene with Penn Badgely. One of the most interesting things about it is that Penn Badgely used to be Blake Lively boyfriend in a real life. In the TV show “Gossip Girl”, the characters which are portrayed by Blake Lively and Penn Badgely are known to be in a constant on and off of relationship, thus the ending of the TV series is clear – they finally will get married.
Nevertheless, Blake Lively seems to be really happy and comforted with her new husband. The wedding ceremony of Reynolds involved only 35 guests which is quite a surprisingly small number knowing the fact that it was the wedding of celebrities. It might also imply that neither Blake Lively nor Blake Lively boyfriend see the ceremony of the wedding as something which should be attended by people whom you do not really know or want to see during one of the most important days in your life.
The wedding happened secretly and it shocked the whole society of Hollywood that a lot of people even did not know that they were getting married. After several weeks passed, the couple decided to show to the public what their wedding ceremony looked like and posted some pictures. The first picture which was released to the public showed the couple’s holding hands and the first glimpse of their clothing.

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