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Danica Patrick is known to the public as an American racist, spokesperson and model. However, her personal life is as much interesting to the public as her professional career in racing. Danica Patrick is known as a fan of yoga as well. However, during one session of it, she suffered an injury and was later treated by a physiotherapist named Paul Edward Hospenthal, who became Danica Patrick boyfriend. In 2005, their wedding ceremony took place. Also, before it Danica Patrick converted to Catholicism as her husband Paul Edward Hospenthal. However, after seven years of marriage Danica Patrick posted on her Facebook page that she decided to break up with her husband and soon the couple divorced.

And the current Danica Patrick boyfriend is – Paul Edward Hospenthal

One year later, the rumors started that Danica Patrick boyfriend is Ricky Stenhouse, Jr. with whom she is still in a relationship. The current Danica Patrick boyfriend Ricky Stenhouse is also involved into racing. He is mostly known as a driver in NASCAR. Therefore, they are undoubtedly one of the best looking couples in the racing world.
Although their relationship seems perfect, recently both of them participated in the Coca-Cola 600 race where they got into a car accident. Danica Patrick’s car was eliminated from the race, thanks to her boyfriend Ricky Stenhouse. After the race, Danica Patrick seemed quite angry at Ricky Stenhouse. However, to the defense of Ricky Stenhouse, he did not do that specifically. The couple was just racing for the same position and it was his luck this time. Thus, the car of Danica Patrick was wrecked not because Ricky Stenhouse intended to do so.
Nevertheless, few days later, Danica Patrick boyfriend Ricky Stenhouse admitted that everything’s is perfect between them again. In addition, he explained that the two had a long talk about what happened in the race and Danica Patrick is no longer angry at him anymore. However, he also stated that when they were going home from the race together, all the time both of them kept silent because Danica Patrick was too steamed about what happened in the race.
Later, Ricky Stenhouse explained to his girlfriend that what happened was only a racing accident, which inevitably happens sooner or later between any couple, thus Danica Patrick was calmed down.

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