Jessica Alba boyfriend

And the current Jessica Alba boyfriend is – Cash Warren

Jessica Alba celebrated her 32nd birthday in April. After the birthday, she posted a comment on her Twitter website thanking Cash Warren who is known as Jessica Alba boyfriend and husband for making her feel special on her day.
Although there have been quite a lot of rumors that their marriage is not going to work out, Jessica Alba and Cash Warren proved that they are very much in love. On her birthday, Cash Warren posted on his Twitter account that he is very happy to have met her. He also admitted that she is his best friend and wished a happy birthday with posting a picture of him and Jessica Alba together. After her birthday Jessica Alba tweeted that the last birthday was the best one out of all her birthday celebrations.
Jessica Alba boyfriend and husband Cash Warren had to do a lot with making a day very special to his wife. It has been known that Cash Warren has been married to Jessica Alba for five years already and the picture posted by Jessica Alba on her official Twitter account proved that they are still in love a lot. In the picture, Jessica Alba is photographed with her arms wrapped around Cash Warren and kissing him to his lips.
In addition, before her official birthday party, Jessica Alba was surprised by her friends who took her to have brunch and spend time in a day spa center. In addition to her posts on Twitter about her birthday, she also uploaded a picture with her make-up artist and goo friend Lauren Anderson popping a champagne bottle. Thus, having fun during day with her friends, during the evening Jessica Alba boyfriend and husband joined the fun.
She celebrated her birthday together with her other famous friends including Gwen Stefani and Rachel Zoe. Rachel Zoe is known to be a personal stylist of Jessica Alba. Her stylist was so thrilled to attend her birthday party that she also posted on her Twitter account about attending Jessica Alba birthday party. In addition, a lot of other stars were attending the event such as Minka Kelly and Chris Evans.

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