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The current Julia Stiles boyfriend has been known to be Michael C. Hall. The couple first met when they were filming for the TV series called “Dexter” during its fifth season. Moreover, they have been rumored to start dating after Michael C. Hall broke up with his wife Jennifer Carpenter in 2010. At that time a lot of people believed that it was for Julia Stiles that Michael C. Hall divorced from his wife. Nevertheless, Julia Stiles stated that she had nothing to do with her boyfriend breaking up with his wife Jennifer Carpenter.

And the current Julia Stiles boyfriend is – Michael C. Hall

In one of her interviews about Julia Stiles boyfriend divorce, Julia Stiles stated that she intends to keep her private life only to herself, however when people are starting to blame her for something she did not do, she feels like she has to defend herself and tell things how they really were.

In addition, Julia Stiles was said to have been acting in one TV show together with Michael C. Hall and his ex-wife Jennifer Carpenter. During the filming of the series, one source stated that Julia Stiles was very friendly with Michael C. Hall. However, Julia Stiles confirmed that she has nothing to do with the separation of Michael C. Hall and his wife. Julia Stiles also added that she is very good friends with them and did not intend to break their marriage.
Before she got involved with Michael C. Hall, she was rumored to be with Jonathan Cramer who was another Julia Stiles boyfriend. They started dating in 2006, however after two years of their relationship the couple decided to finish it.

In 2004, there were another rumors that Julia Stiles was in a relationship with Luke Mably. It was because the couple appeared together in the movie called “The Prince and Me” and because they were seen behaving lovely with each other on the set, people started talking that they might be an item.
In 2000, Julia Stiles was in a relationship with Joshua Jackson. However, they were together for a very short time and broke up in the same year.

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