Audrina Patridge boyfriend

And the current Audrina Patridge boyfriend is – Corey Bohan

Audrina Patridge has been known to the public as the one who changes boyfriends quite often and has a long history of relationships. The current Audrina Patrdige boyfriend has been known to be Corey Bohan. With him Audrina Patridge has been in an on and off relationship, however, the reunited once again and try to make things work this time.
Before she got involved with Corey Bohan, she was dating Ryan Cabrera for five months. When they started appearing together in public, people started speculating that this relationship will not last long because both Audrina Patridge and Audrina Patridge boyfriend Ryan Cabrera were dating quite a lot of people from TV reality shows.
Before she met Ryan Cabrera, Audrina Patrdige was linked to Seth MacFarlane. She was known to have been in house party at Seth MacFarlane’s place in the Hollywood Hills. Moreover, they were spotted being really comfortable with each other. Also, it has been rumored that the ex-couple disappeared from the party together, however these rumors were not proved to be right or wrong officially.
Talking more about her current relationship, Audrina Patridge boyfriend Corey Bohan is known as a BMX racer. Before the couple got back together, they were dating from August of 2009 till March of 2011. At that time, they had a lot of arguments, thus their relationship was an on and off dating. However, the couple is back together and it makes a lot of speculations of how long will it take for the couple to date and break up again. Before that, she was dating Corey Bohan from June of 2009 till September of 2009, thus it was seen as a summer romance.
Before the first time she met Corey Bohan, she dated another actor named Chris Pine with whom Audrina Patridge was in a relationship for one month, from May till June of 2009. The couple was seen having lunch together in Los Angeles and also they were noticed sitting next to each other at the MTV Movie Awards in 2009. It was rumored that Chris Pine was the one who ended the relationship because he could not handle the attention which he received because of dating Audrina Patridge.

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