Kat Dennings boyfriend

Kat Dennings relationships with famous people are as much of importance to a lot of people as her professional career.
One of her famous relationships was with Matthew Gray Gubler who was Kat Dennings boyfriend from January of 2007 till August of the same year. The couple has been spotted for quite a lot of occasions going out together or just having lunches around the town. Although they seemed to be a lot in love, their relationship lasted for around eight months only.

And the current Kat Dennings boyfriend is – Nick Zano

Another star who was rumored to be Kat Dennings boyfriend was Ira David Wood. The couple was also noticed quite a few times spending time together, however, neither Kat Dennings nor Ira David Wood have proven or denied the fact that they were going together. Moreover, they never talked about their relationship in any of their interviews and did not discuss it in public. The rumors were even more intense when Ira David Wood came to see her in the premiere of her movie called “The 40 Year-Old-Virgin”.

Later, Kat Dennings boyfriend started to be rumored to be actor Ryan Gosling who is one of the most sought after actors of today. The couple was rumored to be together during the autumn of 2009. The rumors started when Kat Dennings and Ryan Gosling were spotted together having fun in Disneyland. Moreover, Kat Dennings posted on her Twitter account that she was kidnapped and taken there against her will, which was posted in a form of joke. However, neither Kat Dennings nor her rumored boyfriend Ryan Gosling have ever agreed or denied that they were a couple.

Recently, it has been announced that the star’s newest boyfriend is Nick Zano. They have been meeting each other since January of 2012 and both of them seem to be in love very much. The couple is regarded as one of the most adorable couples of actors in Hollywood. Her newest love is not only an actor, but also a producer. For the public, he might be best known from his appearance on the TV show called “What I Like About You”.

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