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Natalie Portman is one of the most popular actresses today whose personal life has the same importance as her professional career in the cinema industry. Today Natalie Portman boyfriend is known to be Benjamin Millepied. In addition, he is not only her boyfriend, but also her current husband. Natalie Portman met Benjamin Millepied when she was acting in the movie called “Black Swan” which gained a lot of international success. It happened in 2009, when Natalie Portman boyfriend and later to be her husband Benjamin Millepied was chosen to be a choreographer of the set.

And the current Natalie Portman boyfriend is – Benjamin Millepied

Two years after their marriage, Natalie Portman gave birth to her first child with Benjamin Millepied, who was named Aleph Portman Millepied. In winter of 2012 official statements were released that Natalie Portman married Benjamin Millepied. The wedding ceremony was very private with only couple’s families and friends attendance.

Before she got together with Benjamin Millepied, Natalie Portman boyfriend was rumored to be Rodrigo Santoro whom she supposedly dated in 2009. However, none of them ever officially admitted that they were in a relationship, although Rodrigo Santoro once hinted that they were just having fun and did not get into a serious couple.

In 2008, Natalie Portman was dating another star, this time it was Devendra Banhart. It all happened when Natalie Portman was chosen to star in his music video called “Carmensita”. In addition, several times the couple was seen kissing publicly in New York. However, they divorced in the ending of 2008.
One year before, in 2007, Natalie Portman boyfriend was said to be a millionaire from Britain, Nathaniel Rothschild. They were seen together a couple of times. One of these times were at the US Open when the couple was spotted getting really cozy with each other while hugging and holding each other’s hands.

For a brief period in 2006 the actress was rumored to be together with Gael Garcia Bernal. They were in a relationship in 2004 and after a two year break decided to reunite. The couple also was spotted quite a lot of times and made several public appearances during various events.

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