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Recently singer Pink has shooted the video clip for her newest single called “Just Give Me a Reason”. In addition, while filming it, Pink boyfriend and husband Carey Hart also appeared on the set. Together with him, the singer made a display to the video clip crew while having fun in the water with Carey Hart.

And the current Pink Boyfriend boyfriend is – Carey Hart

Pink boyfriend and husband Carey Hart also played a leading male role in the video for her single “Just Give Me a Reason”. It has been claimed that he was more than happy to appear in her video clip because Pink had quite a few kissing scenes in the video clip which, in case of another man appearing in the video, would have caused Carey Hart to get jealous. The song has been written by both Pink and Nate Reuss.
The video features the singer being in bed with Pink boyfriend and husband Carey Hart and also Pink lying down next to a plush teddy bear. In the video clip, while lying down with her husband, Pink is wearing only a laced bra and knickers while Carey Hart is calmly placed his head on her belly. In addition, Pink is taking a swim under water and when she comes out of it, she enjoys a hug with her husband Carey Hart. However, in some scenes of the video when she sings with Nate Reuss Pink is dressed in a creamed babydoll style dress with ruffles.
In addition, recently Pink has been interviews by a magazine “Redbook”. In the interview Pink stated that beauty for her is not the most important thing in life. What is important is to find joy for yourself. According to the singer, Pink’s joy is being strong and healthy. Also, being intelligent and in love also adds to it. Moreover, Pink also stated that the biggest joy to her is when she opens her arms and her daughter runs straight to her. Therefore, being a mother seems to be a priority to the singer. When taking into consideration all female stars which are not only talented but also have good looks, Pink admitted that she does not think that beauty is her strongest point in the entertainment industry.

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