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Lily Collins is one of those actresses who succeed in getting romantic relationships with the most wanted young actors in Hollywood. One of Lily Collins boyfriend has been known to be Jamie Campbell Bowers. All times when the couple has been spotted together, they seemed to be very much in love. Once the couple was spotted spending an afternoon in Toronto. Lily Collins was seen as grasping her boyfriend’s hand as they were drinking coffee and taking a walk in the city. The couple was seen as enjoying each other’s company a lot. While drinking coffee, both of them were smiling and laughing a lot. At that time Lily Collins and Lily Collins boyfriend were on the set of the film called “The Mortal Instruments” in which both of them appeared.

And the current Lily Collins boyfriend is – Jamie Campbell Bowers

Also, when the couple started dating, it was known that both of them have separated from their other ex-halves not too long ago. Lily Collins was dating actor Zac Efron before she started to get into a relationship with Jamie Campbell Bowers while the current Lily Collins boyfriend was engaged to get married with Bonnie Wright.

The couple was more than excited when they started filming in the same movie which meant that they were going to spend even more time together which is quite impossible when both people are in the acting industry and due to lack of free time cannot see each other as often as they would like to.

Also, Jamie Campbell Bowers is one of the cast members of the movie franchise “Twilight” while Lilly Collins is also known from the movie called “Mirror, Mirror”. In addition, it has been known that Lily Collins was auditioning for getting a role in the movie “Twilight” as well but the role was given to Kristen Stewart. It was also one of the first auditions which were attended by Lily Collins. When remembering it, Lily Collins cannot stop smiling and remembers it as a start of her acting career. The actress also admitted that she was not as professional as other actresses who were seeking to get that role and eventually it was given to Kristen Stewart who had more experience.

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