Adrianne Curry boyfriend

It has been known that Christopher Knight was not only Adrianne Curry boyfriend, but also her husband and her biggest supporter in her professional career as a reality TV show star, model and spokesperson.

And the current Adrianne Curry boyfriend is – Christopher Knight

In 2005 Christopher Knight proposed to Adrienne Curry on the reality TV show called “My Fair Brady” which was broadcasted on the VH1 channel. Because of their engagement, the show was created for the second season which started to be broadcasted in the summer of 2006 and which featured the happy couple preparing for their wedding. Their wedding ceremony happened in the same year in Illinois, which was an idea of Adrianne Curry.
Adrianne Curry boyfriend married his love in a gothic style wedding ceremony. It was also Adrianne Curry’s idea to get married in a Gothic ceremony. She stated that she wanted the wedding to be as gothic as possible and was even considering to buy a black wedding dress. However, she was wearing a traditional one due to the fact that she knew that her grandmother would have been very disappointed.
One year after their wedding Adrianne Curry and Adrianne Curry boyfriend and husband Christopher Knight were invited to the Dr. Phil Show to talk about their life after the wedding and to discuss the issue of a huge age difference gap in romantic relationships. However, the couple decided to break up and their divorce happened in 2011. Dr. Phil stated that he felt instability in their relationship and predicted that the most important reason why they decided to break up was that Christopher Knight was used to saying a lot of harsh comments to his wife. Later, Adrianne Curry also admitted that she was bisexual.
Talking more about her former husband, Christopher Knight is mostly known as an actor who appeared on the TV show called “The Brady Bunch” which was very popular in 1970s. In the TV show, he played one of the main characters, Peter Brady. In addition to being an actor, Christopher Knight has also become a very successful businessman and entertainer. However, for the last couple of years, he has not acted in films or TV series but appeared as a guest on various shows.

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