Kate Gosselin boyfriend

It has been known that Kate Gosselin boyfriend and husband used to be Jon Gosselin. The couple became famous in 1999, however their relationship ended ten years later, in 2009.

And the current Kate Gosselin boyfriend is – Jon Gosselin

One of the most interesting facts about the couple is that they were not so well known when they got married. Kate Gosselin boyfriend and husband Jon Gosselin got married to Kate Gosselin in a wedding ceremony arranged in a back yard of their friend’s house. In 2000, their family became bigger with their twins coming to the world. However, after the birth of their twins it was hard for Kate Gosselin to become pregnant again and she used quite a lot of fertility treatments so that they would have one more baby. It ended up with Kate Gosselin having six babies who were born in 2003.
Because of such huge amount of children, Kate Gosselin and Kate Gosselin boyfriend and husband Jon Gosselin’s family became popular. The Discovery Channel made a documentary about the Gosselins in 2006. At that time, their six babies were 17 months old. Moreover, the TLC channel decided to make their own reality TV show which featured the life of the family which was called “Jon & Kate Plus Eight”. Jon Gosselin and Kate Gosselin released their own book about their life which was entitled “Multiple Blessings: Surviving to Thriving With Twins and Sextuplets”. The book was so popular that it even was listed in the New York Times Best Sellers.
However, ten years after happy marriage Kate Gosselin decided that she wanted a divorce because she caught her husband and children’s father cheating with another woman. Although some time passed already, their divorce is still talked about in the press and the whole entertainment industry.
Moreover, recently the news has been published that Kate Gosselin filed a law suit against her ex-husband Jon Gosselin for writing a book which is entirely based on the material from her computer. In addition, the law suit is expanded even more because Kate Gosselin also filed a law suit against a person who is in charge of a site which has a lot of anti-Kate Gosselin related material.

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