Demi Moore boyfriend

In the beginning of the year 2012 Demi Moore was spotted having fun in the sea with a new man, who immediately started to be called the newest Demi Moore boyfriend.
One of the most interesting things is that Demi Moore who is 50 years old has been rumored to be dating 31 year old man named Harry Morton who is known to be the ex-boyfriend of Lindsay Lohan.

And the current Demi Moore boyfriend is – Harry Morton

However, when she was spotted on a vacation in Mexico, she was seen having time together with a younger man who was not Demi Moore boyfriend Harry Morton. Demi Moore was enjoying time in the sea together with a man covered in tattoos who could not resist looking at Demi Moore’s figure at 50 years old. Demi Moore was wearing a tiny swimsuit which accented her figure. Demi Moore was seen splashing in the water and showing her well-maintained tanned body.

The actress seemed to have a lot of fun while enjoying her holidays with a new man. The man with whom Demi Moore was spending time appears to be not known to the public and was wearing black swimming trousers. Also, he also was showing off his muscular body, tattoo on one arm and dark long hair.
When they stepped out of the water, they dried each other with towels and kept on chatting and laughing. After that, the couple was seen strolling down the beach with some other people who spent their time in the resort. Thus, it has been rumored that if Harry Morton is still Demi Moore boyfriend he should be aware of the fact that Demi Moore is enjoying companies with strange companions during her holidays and free time.

Moreover, during her holidays in Mexico, Demi Moore was said to attend camp where she took yoga classes, Zumba dancing and mediation. Before she started getting involved with other man, Demi Moore was known to be married with actor Ashton Kutcher with whom she has divorced quite recently. In Mexico, Demi Moore was seen with a few younger men which proves that despite her age, she is still able to attract men who are way younger than her.

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