Emma Watson boyfriend

The current Emma Watson boyfriend has been said to be Will Adamowicz, however the actress has dated quite a lot of guys in the past. At first, she was rumored to be in a relationship with Daniel Radcliffe with whom she appeared in the series of films of “Harry Potter” and where she played the best friend of Harry Potter portrayed by Daniel Radcliffe. The couple was spotted quite a lot of times together in 2008 and 2009. Of course, it sparked a lot of rumors about both of the actors. However, neither Emma Watson nor Daniel Radcliffe ever admitted or disagreed about the fact that they were dating, thus speculations stay speculations.

And the current Emma Watson boyfriend is – Will Adamowicz

Another Emma Watson boyfriend was claimed to be Jay Barrymore, who is known to the public as a British financier. The couple was said to have known each other since college and there were some rumors that they had been in a relationship before Emma Watson became such a well known actress. One source said that the couple broke up because of distance. Emma Watson attended university in the United States and Jay Barrymore spent most of his time in Britain, which made it difficult for the couple to see each other often. Thus, the only solution for such a young love was to break up.
Moreover, between the years 2009-2010 Emma Watson boyfriend was rumored to be Rafael Cebrian. Rafael Cebrian is known as a musician of Spanish origin and also he studied together with Emma Watson at Brown University. The couple was spotted at a hockey game of their university and they seemed to be really happy together. After that, they were spotted quite a lot of times together going out and about. Also, there were some rumors that Emma Watson was dating Justin Bieber, however there were no proof of that. The rumors sparked when Justin Bieber revealed in one of his interviews that he would like to go out with the actress and that he really liked her a lot. Today Emma Watson is dating Will Adamowicz who is a student at Oxford University.

Emma Watson boyfriend Emma Watson boyfriend Emma Watson boyfriend

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