Adrienne Bailon boyfriend

Adrienne Bailon is known to the public as a singer, dancer and TV personality. She is also known as a member of a girl band called “3LW”. The band released several albums together, however they decided to go their own ways in 2007. In addition, she is also known from the Disney channel production called “The Cheetah Girls”. Adrienne Bailon is one of those celebrities who prefer to keep their private lives and relationships just for themselves and closest friends and family. However, there are still some facts proven or not whom is Adrienne Bailon boyfriend.

So who is the current Adrienne Bailon boyfriend?

In winter of 2010 Adrienne Bailon was rumored to be in a relationship with Lenny S who was supposedly Adrienne Bailon boyfriend. However, these rumors have not been proven. In addition, Lenny S is known to be a married man, so it might be only rumors as well. Lenny S is known to be a manager of the entertainer called Fabolous.
Talking about Fabolous, he was also rumored to be Adrienne Bailon boyfriend. They were rumored to be together in 2010 when Fabolous mentioned Adrienne Bailon in one of his tweets. He said that he did not know what was happening on the show of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” but was sure that Adrienne Bailon’s phone was exploding from the messages. In addition, Fabolous was rumored to have sent a text message to Rob Kardashian warning him about his hopeless attempts to get back together with Adrienne Bailon.

Thus, Rob Kardashian was one of Adrienne Bailon boyfriends. It was stated that the couple started dating in 2008 however they broke up in 2009, only one year after the beginning of their getting involved with each other. In the show called “Keeping up with the Kardashians” Rob Kardashian himself admitted that the main reason why they broke up was because he was cheating on her with another woman. In addition, Adrienne Bailon appeared with Rob Kardashian quite a few times in the show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”. It was also stated that Rob Kardashian suffered a lot after he broke up with her and mentioned her name quite a lot of times during the show.

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