Elin Nordegren boyfriend

It has been known for a while that the newest Elin Nordegren boyfriend is Chris Cline. It has also been known that she has recently separated with her ex-boyfriend Tiger Woods, who is one of the best tennis players in the world.

And the current Elin Nordegren boyfriend is – Chris Cline

It has been reported that there might be some rivalry felt between the two Elin Nordegren boyfriends due to the fact that Chris Cline who is the recent boyfriend of the star has bought a yacht which is bigger than the one which belongs to Tiger Woods. Chris Cline’s yacht is approximated to be way bigger than that one of Tiger Woods which might imply that for Elin Nordegren the saying “bigger is better” is one of her inspirational quotes.
The newest Elin Nordegren boyfriend Chris Cline is known as a coal magnate. Recently, he parked his new huge yacht right next to the boat of Tiger Woods, thus proving that he can afford bigger and more expensive things than the tennis player. Divorced in 2010, Elin Nordegren has been rumored to be dating Chris Cline who lives in her neighborhood in North Palm Beach.

Chris Cline’s yacht has been reported to be worth around 1.2 billion dollars. On his yacht, he usually organizes various parties which are attended by a lot of celebrities, including Elin Nordegren as well. One of the many features of his yacht is that it has its own submarine which is one of the main things why Chris Cline has bought the yacht. In addition to having a submarine, the yacht also includes five bedrooms, two dining rooms, a hot tub and a pool with a poolside bar. Moreover, his yacht can be rented for 265 thousand dollars for one week.

Talking more about Chris Cline’s relationships, he has been married two times before he got involved with Elin Nordegren. He has four children from these two marriages. The first time he was married to Sabrina, who died because of cancer in 1987. his second marriage happened in 1993, however Chris Cline divorced in 2000. Thus, his third wife might be the star Elin Nordegren if their relationships gets more serious.

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