Brooke Hogan boyfriend

It has been known for a while that Bully Ray has been not only Brooke Hogan boyfriend but also her husband. However, at the moment it seems that their relationship is going to an end. The news have received the public that the couple is going to divorce. It all happened when Brooke Hogan realized that all her husband needed was to use her in order so he could receive a heavyweight title from his father so that Brooke Hogan boyfriend and husband Bully Ray would receive the strap.

And the current Brooke Hogan boyfriend is – Bully Ray

Brooke Hogan even expressed her thoughts on her Twitter account where she posted a message which said that she is absolutely betrayed. Moreover, Brooke Hogan stated that it was the first time when she was so much violated and confessed that divorce is coming very soon. In addition to that, Brooke Hogan admitted that she lost her love.
After receiving a title of TNA World heavyweight Champion Brooke Hogan boyfriend and husband also received a title of the President of Aces & Eights. He got those titles when he fought against Jeff Hardy and eventually won against him during the Lockdown which was broadcasted on the Challenge TV in the United Kingdom. However, during the fight it seemed that either Jeff Hardy or Bully Ray might win, however, the ultimate champion became Bully Ray and at the same time it became obvious that he cheated on his wife Brooke Hogan who immediately got ready to get divorce papers.
During the match, the things got serious when Hulk who is the father of Brooke Hogan joined the fight. Also, during the fight Brooke Hogan showed one of the best swerves during the fight.
One of the most shocking facts was that after the match Brooke Hogan boyfriend and husband Bully Ray declared himself that he used Hogan’s family members only to get what he wanted which was a huge shock and disappointment to the whole Hogan family. Thus, Brooke Hogan had nothing else to do except to ask for a divorce. Nevertheless, Bully Ray got what he wanted but lost his wife and support from her family.

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