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In the summer of 2012 Debra Messing was spotted having dinner together with Will Chase who was known to be Debra Messing boyfriend at that time. During their date night, Debra Messing and Will Chase looked so much in love that they reminded teenagers who recently have fallen in love. It is known that both of them are actors and they appear on the TV show called ‘Smash” which is broadcasted on the NBC channel. The TV show is made of musical series which are based on the life of Marilyn Monroe and which features a creation of a new musical on Broadway. In the TV series the character portrayed by Debra Messing falls in love with Will Chase’s character and apparently the on-screen romance revolved into a romance in reality between the two. Such romances became so common in Hollywood that it even got its own name, ‘showmance’. Thus, Debra Messing and Debra Messing boyfriend Will Chase are involved in their own ‘showmance’.

And the current Debra Messing boyfriend is – Will Chase

It seemed that in the summer of 2012 their relationship was getting very serious when they both were spotted at the Lincoln Center in New York. The couple attended an event during which the new Samsung tablet was introduced. Although at that time it has been known that they have been dating for half a year, the couple still seemed as if it was one of their first dates.

Debra Messing could not keep her eyes off of her boyfriend and so did Will Chase. Debra Messing was wearing a crème colored shirt and satin jacket and accented it with navy pants. Debra Messing boyfriend Will Chase looked very elegant wearing suit and tie.
During the event the couple held each other’s hands and did not let go each other from their sights. The couple left the event smiling and gazing into each other’s eyes. Before the event, Debra Messing was spotted on the red carpet posing for photographers.

Before she started dating Will Chase, Debra Messing was married to Daniel Zelman with whom she divorced after ten years of being together. Also, Will Chase was known to be married to Stephanie Gibson, however he unofficially left her after two years of marriage.

debra messing boyfriend debra messing boyfriend debra messing boyfriend

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