Katie Melua boyfriend

It has been known that Katie Melua boyfriend and husband is James Toseland. In the beginning of the year 2012, Katie Melua confirmed that she was going to marry James Toseland. They married in September the next year and the wedding ceremony was held in the Royal Botanical Gardens in London.

And the current Katie Melua boyfriend is – James Toseland

Katie Melua boyfriend and husband James Toseland is known as a World Superbike champion who achieved a lot of awards during the time when he was in his professional career. The wedding was attended by the couple’s families and closest friends. In addition, a lot of celebrities were also present in the wedding including music producer William Orbit, composer Mike Batt and even Prince of the Netherlands Pieter Christiaan Michiel. Moreover, a lot of people from the motorsport field were invited to the wedding ceremony. It has been stated that overall around 200 guests were attending the wedding of Kate Melua and James Toseland. Katie Melua was dressed in a white wedding dress designed by Claire Pettibone.
Katie Melua became famous when she was only a teenager and released her single called “The Closest Thing to Crazy”. Katie Melua was noticed by Mike Batt, who was present in the ceremony, when she attended Brit School of Performing Arts. The school is famous for its many talented students such as Jessie J, Amy Winehouse and Adele. Katie Melua became one of the most known British female artists who is mostly known to a lot of people because of her hit record “The Nine Million Bicycles”. She has been a guest of various popular icons such as the Queen herself and Nelson Mandela.
The news about her engagement to James Toseland was posted on Katie Melua boyfriend Facebook account. In addition, she was wearing her engagement ring during one of her performances, thus she was forced to admit that she was finally engaged to marry James Toseland.
Katie Melua got introduced to James Toseland in one of her concerts which took place in Sheffield City Hall. In addition, Katie Melua supported her husband a lot when he suffered from an accident and could not ride his bike anymore.

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